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semi-precision attachment

A laboratory fabricated rigid metallic extension of a fixed or removable partial denture that fits into cast restoration, allowing some movement between the components; attachments with plastic components are often called semi-precision attachments. (see Glossary of Prosthodontic Terms, 9th Edition; ©Academy of Prosthodontics).


Hard connective tissue covering the outer surface of a tooth root.


An alloy used in direct dental restorations. Typically composed of mercury, silver, tin and copper along with other metallic elements added to improve physical and mechanical properties.


See definition under anesthesia.

anatomical crown

That portion of tooth normally covered by, and including, enamel.


Subordinate or auxiliary to something or someone else; supplementary.


A procedure that controls the patient’s level of anxiety or pain. Delivery of an anesthesia inducing agent by a dentist or other health care practitioner is regulated by state dental boards. ADA anesthesia policy and guidelines are available online ( Please refer to these sources for complete and current information.


the diminution or elimination of pain.


the diminution or elimination of anxiety.


Surgical procedure for recontouring supporting bone, sometimes in preparation for a prosthesis.